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Snow Calling is Agnieszka Studzinska’s debut collection, examining the fractures, the breaches of things, bringing a narrative meditation on the entity of displacement, whether in a relationship, ancestry or with oneself. The poems trace the delicate journey of transgression and coming together in their lyrical and elegiac styles, capturing:

the contradictions of what is whole and what is left behind.

The anthology aims to highlight the equivocal nature of an ordinary moment, opening that ordinariness into something much bigger than the actual, the specific.  The poems are for those who enjoy narration and the journey it provides but do not seek conclusive answers. These poems explore what it means to be human, explore the tracing of one’s history and the

There is a cyclical, seasonal element, which underpins this collection.

Following are five poems from the collection, full text of these poems can be read at Agnieszka’s main website, see the home page for details….






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  1. Miss B says:

    Simply beautiful…a real inspiration!

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