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Necks like mountain slopes dipping into a valley.

They look lost in the silent light of sleep,

horse skin smooth against horse skin.

Suddenly they buckle and we are left watching

a field of winter. Sometimes in bed, I can feel

your arm reaching towards me, snow galloping

outside and this time the horses remain still,

their breath in my mouth, their power overwhelming.


Isleworth Library

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A writer having a good time
A busy audience

At long last, a post. A truely engaging and interactive evening at Isleworth library. There is definitely something intimate about readings in libraries, the environment just lends itself to a warm reception, author/audience boundaries broken, thoughtful questions asked and generally a lovely evening.  Thank you for your support everyone.

Black Raven

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This is the title of a new poem I am working on, actually working on in my head.  I was listening to radio 4, Woman’s Hour, few days ago and apparently, the term, ‘Black Raven’ in Germany is given to women who choose to go back to work, implies a bad mother. It was coined many years ago but is still in use today.  I loved the image. It started me thinking, then the other day, I was in the park with my daughter and above us were black ravens.  So, like a puzzle, I am piecing images and emotions together, connecting them and waiting to see what the final picture (poem) will become.

Out & About

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Things have been a little quiet on the blogging front.  Family life has taken over.  I am however, writing small reflection pieces on how to read poetry for a local magazine in Isleworth, called Out & About. I shall also be reading at the Oxfam Bookshop in Marylebone High street on the 4th July 2011, more details to follow.

There are poems in process, simmering on low heat.