How In Shadowed Landscapes?

“This is the world in profile, medieval, the landscape gathered up into the face…” 

Jorie Graham [‘Harvest for Bergson’ in Hybrid of Plants and Ghosts]

This workshop will explore how the notion of landscape haunts our presence, how landscape and language grows from our own fractured ‘scapes,’ how landscapes divulge, sunder, determine the spaces we inhabit, how, as writers and figures in landscape, we can re articulate ‘landscape’ in order to engage in waves of thinking and writing about its role in the world, question how fragile and formidable it is, ask ourselves, how in shadowed landscapes there is sentience to which we must pay close attention, how in the words of Jorie Graham, 

“easily our tracks 

are filled. How easily

we are undone, … “ [On Why I Would Betray You]

The workshop will reflect on poetry which engages in and departs from walks through literal and personal landscapes, across time and place:  Zoë Skoulding, Harriet Tarlo, Peter Riley as well as the voices of Latasha N Nevada Diggs,  Camille Dung, Louise Glück and Jorie Graham, will cross our reading paths on which discuss and develop our writing ideas. We will appropriate our own conceptual notions of landscapes and nurture their intent, allowing the “line of the landscape /run through me to somewhere else/ ((Zoë Skoulding).

Date: Tues 27th October 2020: 6.45pm – 8.45pm.

For booking see: @ginkoprize

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