The Wapping Project Commission

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Delighted to have been asked for a creative response to the theme of ‘passage’ by the Wapping Project.  The Wapping Project was developed in 1984 by Women’s Playhouse Trust [WPT], an arts and education charity.  In September 2016, the Wapping Project Commissions was launched.  The work will be published on their website on Nov 1st and will be published as part of a limited edition publication in the summer of 2017.

My initial thoughts on ‘commissions’ and their drive to produce work is that, creativity [when under instruction and confined to a timeframe] produces a wave of new thought and a release of a new voice.  It offers the writer an opportunity to escape from their own way of writing [from the habitual space that writers at times return to] into a field where writing and words become new shapes in the writer’s vision, a new air is released.  It’s liberating.  Commissions provide the scaffolding to risks, to play, to experimentation, to step outside and back in again in the house of language.

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