The International Prize for the Worst Blogger………….

Goes to me! Thank you, kindly accepted, what do I win? a big kick up the bum.

Right, so, my pre new years resolution is to BLOG every week.  A weekly BLOG. Even I can do that, surely.  Even if people aren’t interested in knowing that I finally managed to publish ‘Snow Calling’ in April ’10 and that there was a launch on  the 8th July at the Phoenix Artists Club or how the book is doing or find out about readings; they might be interested in my lack of discipline, slackness and general procrastination.

Does this happen to all writers?  Comments welcome.


  1. Burtie says:

    I wouldn’t beat yourself up too much! However, i have coincidentally just been reading about “implementation intentions” by a guy called Gollwitzer.

    He says that if you specify a particular time and place when you’re going to do something, you’re far more likely to do it than if you just say “I’m going to do it”.

    Yes, I thought it sounded pretty obvious too! But if you’re at a loose end, you might want to read about it and try and solve your blogging block!


    1. agnieszkastudzinska says:

      Right then.
      10.00 every Tuesday.

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