Hello World Indeed

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Did you know that ‘Hello World’ was one of the first messages sent by a computer program? useless fact or a tentative link with my blogging experience? probably neither, anyone who knows me well will be surprised to hear that….I have entered the 21st century, I am trying, I really am, let the blogging journey commence……………..

I’ve had great comments about the website and the poems people have read so far, which seals all that uncertainty shut.  The book is scheduled to be out in July and so we’re all busy proof reading.  It is a little surreal, this idea of being published, it’s like a stamp of certification after all these years of writing, a very subjective stamp mind you.  I’ll tell you the story one day soon, maybe when the book is actually in my hands, how it got to be in my hands.

As for now, I am riding the wave,  enjoying the moment, in case the wave swallows me whole.


    • agnieszkastudzinska says

      Thanks, ruffling my feathers and quite enjoying these new waters…..

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